Container Engineering

With combination products and drug delivery devices becoming the options of choice to improve quality of care, Neuma works with its customers and industry partners to quickly and efficiently develop custom drug container systems to allow for early feasibility evaluation (e.g. preliminary drug stability evaluations, E&L, Container Closure Integrity) and ultimately progress to market quickly and successfully. Our Container Engineering Services can offer support at any stage of a drug delivery device project ranging from initial design input to commercialization.

Container Engineering

Our Container Engineering Skillsets

Our team has years of experience developing primary packaging and secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.  From working with standard components and assemblies to designing and producing custom containers, needles, closures and packaging, our team does it all.

Some of our design capabilities are:

  • Primary Container Design & Development
    • Custom Container Design for Glass forming
    • Custom Closure Design (e.g. plunger stopper)
    • Container Siliconizataion (Cross-Linked Silicone, Silicone Oil deposition)
    • Needle Siliconization
    • Closure crimping design and process development
  • Primary Container Testing
    • Container Closure Integrity Testing
    • Vacuum Decay Testing
    • Pressure Decay Testing
    • Dye Penetration
  • Secondary Packaging Design
    • Nest & Tub design for filling line integration
    • Material selection
  • Secondary Packaging Testing
    • Transportation
    • Sterile barrier peel testing
    • Sterile barrier seal integrity testing
  • Fill-Finish Integration
    • Development and scale-up of aseptic fill/stopper equipment for novel container systems
    • Change parts design requirements and development support with filling equipment manufacturer
    • Machine trial support
  • And more!