Reusable Autoinjector

An electromechanical, reusable autoinjector was developed as a platform device to be used by multiple pharmaceutical companies.



  • Consolidate and distill device requirements from patients, providers, critical component manufacturers (i.e. glass and rubber), automation vendors, contract filling companies, and contract manufacturers.
  • Create an industry leading intellectual property portfolio which provides patients with an exceptional experience and builds brand value for pharma partners
  • Cultivate in-house expertise in both design and manufacture of the device in order to maintain control over development timelines and cost.

Key Accomplishments

  • Generated IP and developed technologies for RFID/NFC syringe identification, Bluetooth connectivity, skin sensing, and pre-injection drug warming
  • Developed design allowed for:
    • Automated sharps protection
    • User selected injection rate
    • Use with existing syringes