We transform
technologies into medical solutions

We deliver on developing innovative technologies into commercially successful medical devices.

Regardless of where you are in your product life cycle, our Design for Production (DFP) services will improve your design to address testability, manufacturability, and assembly. This will ultimately accelerate the transition to production, reduce design iterations, cost, and risk.

Pivot your design at the right time

Early-stage product development focuses on the most critical factors to a project’s livelihood: device feasibility and functionality, which must be demonstrated to the market and to stakeholders. Once project viability has been established however, the engineering team must pivot to prepare the device architecture and documentation for regulatory submission and low-cost manufacturing. Sticking with a prototype design and an R&D mindset for too long will increase project time and cost.

Engineering beyond your most immediate challenge

We employ the right engineering techniques at the right time. Our engineers consider manufacturing, assembly, and testing as early as is reasonable to prevent costly changes late in the development cycle. We engineer devices to meet critical short-term milestones while incorporating the foresight and planning needed for future commercialization of the product.